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LC-HR/MS offers mass assignment with an accuracy of 0.001 atomic mass units (amu) compared with 1 amu in conventional MS. Tentative identification is thus directed to a very limited set of compounds (or even one unique compound) based on the exact molecular formula Buy Ray Ban Sunglasses rather than a Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses Nz fragmentation pattern, since HR/MS can discriminate between compounds with the same nominal molecular mass. LC-MS/MS has clear advantages over GC/MS in ease and speed of sample preparation and the opportunities for its automation. Owing to its ability to depict the pathologic features of multiple sclerosis (MS) in exquisite detail, conventional magnetic resonance (MR) imaging has become an established tool in the diagnosis of this disease and in monitoring its evolution. MR imaging has been formally included in the diagnostic work-up of patients who present with a clinically isolated syndrome suggestive of MS, and ad hoc diagnostic criteria have been proposed and are updated on a regular basis. In patients with established MS and in those participating in treatment trials, examinations performed with conventional MR pulse sequences provide objective measures to monitor disease activity and progression; however, they have a limited prognostic role. One example comes from social psychology, where researchers have begun using the Implicit Association Test to provide the lay public with feedback about their "hidden biases" via popular Internet Web pages. The other example comes from clinical psychology, where researchers often wish to evaluate the real-world importance of interventions. As the authors show, both pursuits require researchers to conduct formal research that makes their metrics nonarbitrary by linking test scores to meaningful real-world events.2006 APA, all rights reserved.Comment inThe continued search for nonarbitrary metrics in psychology. BACKGROUND: The preoperative diagnosis of acute appendicitis is often inaccurate in pregnant women, and complicated appendicitis is associated with a high rate of fetal loss. The study objective was to evaluate rates of fetal loss and early delivery in pregnant patients undergoing appendectomy, using a large population-based database.STUDY DESIGN: Using the California Inpatient File, we retrospectively analyzed all women undergoing appendectomy between 1995 and 2002 for pregnancy, diagnosis, operative technique, fetal loss, and early delivery during the same hospitalization as appendectomy.RESULTS: Of 94,789 women who underwent appendectomy, 3,133 were pregnant. Complicated appendicitis was found in 30% of pregnant women and 29% of nonpregnant women (p=NS).