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A force plate measured the resultant reaction forces along the antero-posterior axis (R(x)) and the centre of pressure (COP) displacements along the antero-posterior and lateral axes (Xp and Yp). The velocity of the centre of gravity (COG) along the antero-posterior axis and the corresponding impulse (∫R(x)dt) were calculated; the peak velocity (termed "progression velocity": V(xG)) was measured. The required coefficient of friction (RCOF) along the progression axis (pμ(x)) was determined. Progression-free survival (PFS) or time to progression (TTP) directly measures the treatment effects of drugs on cancer growth, and they are not confounded by subsequent or crossover therapy. Although PFS and TTP benefits do not Buy Ray Bans translate into OS benefits in all clinical settings examined so far, PFS or TTP improvement with a sufficient magnitude and in the context of favorable benefit-risk ratio should also be considered an important clinical benefit. Acceptance of PFS and TTP improvement demonstrated by well designed and conducted studies as direct evidence of clinical benefit will accelerate cancer drug development and make effective therapy available to patients with cancer sooner. Thus, job security was associated with a 5.09-point increase on a 100-point mental health quality-of-life score (95% CI 3.32 to 6.86). Among women, being employed was significantly associated with both physical and mental health quality of life, but job security was not associated with additional health benefits.INTERPRETATION: Participation in employment was associated with better quality of life for both men and women with HIV. Among men, job security was associated with better mental health, which suggests that employment may offer a mental health benefit only if the job is perceived to be secure. Specifically, CBT therapy is compared with waiting list or a non-treatment group, any other psychotherapy, CBT in a "pure self-help" form and CBT augmented by exposure and response therapy. As well, the review aims to evaluate the evidence for the efficacy of other psychotherapies when compared to a no treatment control group and to evaluate the evidence for the efficacy of other psychotherapies when compared to a 'placebo' therapy.SEARCH STRATEGY: Handsearch of The Ray Ban Frames Nz International Journal of Eating Disorders since its first issue; database searches of MEDLINE, EXTRAMED, EMBASE, PSYCHLIT, CURRENT CONTENTS, LILACS, SCISEARCH, The Cochrane Collaboration Controlled Trials Register and the Cochrane Depression, Anxiety and Neurosis Group Database of Trials; citation list searching and personal approaches to authors communication are used.SELECTION CRITERIA: All studies that have tested any form of psychotherapy for adult patients with non-purging bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and/or EDNOS of a bulimic type, and which have applied a randomised controlled and standardized outcome methodology, are sought for the purpose of this review.DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS: Data are entered into a spreadsheet programme, and into the REVMAN analysis program. Relative risk analyses are conducted of binary outcome data.