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OBJECTIVES: To assess patients' usage of the Internet as a source of personal healthcare information and patients' perceptions of usefulness and content preferences of more locally focused online health-related material.MATERIALS AND METHODS: A paper-based survey was undertaken by a convenience sample of cardiac outpatients. Age, gender, Internet access, Internet usage, perception of usefulness of online information, predicted intention to use a local cardiology Web site if available, and preferred components to be included were recorded. Univariate and bivariate statistics were used.RESULTS: Two hundred thirty-seven patients responded (62.1% males). In contrast, we found that the corresponding mutation (D292N) in the pore forming alpha subunit (hSlo) of the voltage- and Ca(2+)-activated K+ channel (BKCa, MaxiK) did not prevent conduction but reduced single channel conductance. We have investigated Ray Ban Glasses Nz the role of outer pore negative charges in ion conduction (this paper) and channel gating (Haug, T., R. Olcese, T. Case patients were more likely than Ray Ban Glasses Frames control patients to die during hospitalization (48% vs 20%; P<.001) and to die from infection (38% vs 12%; P<.001). Removal of the focus of infection (ie, debridement) was independently associated with patient survival (P=.002). The timely administration of antibiotics with in vitro activity against carbapenem-resistant K. Kidneys of AQP2(T126M/-) mice expressed core-glycosylated AQP2-T126M protein in an endoplasmic reticulum pattern. Screening of candidate protein folding "correctors" in AQP2-T126M-transfected kidney cells showed increased AQP2-T126M plasma membrane expression with the Hsp90 inhibitor 17-allylamino-17-demethoxygeldanamycin (17-AAG). 17-AAG increased urine osmolality in AQP2(T126M/-) mice by >300 mosmol but had no effect in AQP2(-/-) mice. The sorting of X- and Y-chromosome-bearing spermatozoa by flow cytometry is nowadays one of the most apt assisted-reproduction technologies in livestock production. Potential economic and biological benefits, as well as those related to easier management of herds, have been reported arising out of the application of this technique, especially in cattle. Yet, the sex-sorting procedure induces damage to spermatozoa, affecting their function and fertilizing ability. Thyroid transcription factor 1 (TTF-1), hepatocyte nuclear factor 3alpha (HNF-3alpha), and HNF-3beta regulate the transcription of genes expressed in the respiratory epithelium. To test whether members of the HNF-3/forkhead family influence TTF-1 gene expression, deletion constructs containing the 5' region of the human TTF-1 gene were transfected into immortalized mouse lung epithelial (MLE) cells. DNase I protection and electrophoretic mobility shift assays identified elements in the 5' region of the TTF-1 gene that bound MLE cell nuclear proteins consistent with the binding of HNF-3 to sites at positions -135 to -124 and -14 to -3.