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Expert chess players can recall meaningful chess positions with extraordinary precision in comparison with inexperienced players. We hypothesized, therefore, that their mental performance during chess deliberation could be an appropriate target for single photon emission computerized tomography (SPECT) studies. We studied cerebral activation with 1110 MBq 99mTc-Bicisate SPECT in five expert male chess players during mental solution of a complex chess problem. Loin pain hematuria syndrome is a rare disease with a prevalence of ∼0.012%. The most prominent clinical features include periods of severe intermittent or persistent unilateral or bilateral loin pain accompanied by either microscopic or gross hematuria. Patients with loin pain hematuria syndrome initially present with hematuria, flank pain, or most often both hematuria and flank pain. Soc., Washington, DC, 1973). Although a number studies have focused on the effects of a single dose of TCDD on sex differentiation of the male rat and hamster, the reproductive alterations that account for female-mediated infertility after in utero exposure to TCDD have not been described. Hence, it was our objective to Buy Ray Ban Wayfarer describe the anatomical and functional reproductive alterations in female progeny after gestational administration of TCDD. If the peripatric speciation model is supported, we predict substantially greater genetic diversity in M. Murinus, relative to M. Griseorufus. In 1 of 10 cases, the Ray Ban Sunglasses FEV(1) was mildly reduced, in 4 cases it was moderately reduced, and in 5 cases it was severely reduced, both before and after an episode of NFA. The sensitivity was 90%, the specificity was 61%, the positive predictive value was 41%, and the negative predictive value was 95% for NFA with an FEV(1) < or = 79% predicted or FEV(1)/FVC ratio of < 75%. Prior to an episode of NFA, all 8 asthmatic patients had significant loss of lung elastic recoil pressure, and afterward all 10 had significant loss of lung elastic recoil pressure (ie, less than the predicted normal mean minus 1.64 SD at a total lung capacity [TLC] of 100 to 70% predicted). Knowledge can be powerful in eliciting positive change when it is put into action. This is the belief that drives knowledge translation. The University of Victoria (UVic) eHealth Observatory is focused on deriving knowledge from health information system (HIS) evaluation, which needs to be shared with HIS practitioners. [BMJ. 1993]Teenage pregnancy. Give girls a motive for avoiding it.Simms M. Hitherto, hormonal preparations that release luteinizing hormone from the anterior pituitary or have luteinizing hormone-like action are used to treat follicular cysts. GnRH belongs to the former group and human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) hormone forms the latter group. Treatment with a luteolytic agent, prostaglandin F2alpha (PGF2alpha), is successful if a luteal cyst is diagnosed properly.