The next symptom to be addressed is Neurological Processing.

 I would be 1 of only 5-6 people worldwide talking of animals that don’t neurologically process properly (in other words the animal doesn’t understand what they either hear or see) and be able to make an improvement with this problem by assisting the animal to reboot the brain with out the aid of long term use of pharmaceuticals or suppliments.

Some suggestions of poor neurological processing symptoms may be:
Fear aggression
Noise phobia
Over reaction to sudden movement
Unstable/ severly nervous in new environments
Over clingy to caregiver or another animal (Velcro animal)
Would rather be in its home away from home (crate or car or horse trailer) when away from hom
Very reserved
Only follows the reactions of others
Always indecisive
Only functions in familiar places with familiar people and animals
Doesn’t cope well at inside animal sports venues
Has that OMG look in their faces all the time
Over  exaggerated scanning of surroundings
And their eyes are out on stalks

To have neurological clarity in especially what  in what is seen or heard,  all checkpoints of the eyes or ears through the both hemispheres and cerebellum of the brain must match for the brain to determine that what our animals are hearing or looking at are true and accurate, otherwise the brain will ask the senses to send that message again and if it is still unclear then it will initiate the instinctual self preservation of fight or flight (all within a millisecond).

Think of Neurological processing this way for fear aggression. Based on the information from all the messages the senses send to the brain, it sounds like a dog, it smells like a dog it tastes like a dog, but the visual messages are received scrambled (and this isn’t about bad eyesight) so the brain isn’t sure that it looks like a dog, so what is the appropriate cause of action to take for self preservation.

Life to the animals that suffer from any of the above symptoms is like either of one of two things,

What they see is like us watching a TV that is a bit fuzzy or what they hear is like a radio that is a bit crackly or a cellphone that keeps dropping out, the aerial needs adjusting or the fine tune button hit to bring clarity to what is being seen or heard, which when corrected using NIS (the Neurological Integration System) changes behaviour, temperament, reactions, bidibilty, trainability, back closer to what we consider to be appropriate for that species.