Aiding the brain and body to self heal

Treatment Types


N.I.S incorporates muscle testing to check the systems of the body at specific neurological pathways and anatomical points. N.I.S. doesn’t treat the names of a set of symptoms but addresses the root cause of ill health.


Reiki is an ancient art of natural healing energy rediscovered in Japan over one hundred years ago by Dr Usui. Reiki is a gentle, but powerful “hands-on” technique, which brings wholeness to both recipient and giver.

Bach Flowers

Dr Edward Bach was a successful physician specialising in bacteriology, immunology, pathology and homeopathies. He discovered 38 remedies, each for a specific emotional and mental state.

Animals we treat

Are you concerned about your pet’s ongoing and unresolved health issues? AHH provides natural therapies for cats, dogs and horses that address the root cause of ill health and restores your pet’s function aiding the healing process and keeping your pet in peak condition.

We can help with allergies, digestive orders, hormonal imbalances and much more. And recommend raw foods to influence and help maintain optimum health of your cat, dog or horse. Our treatments often result in a major reduction, if not resolution, of your pet’s health issues.

I have been around dogs for most of my life and have participated in most dog training hobbies.  I consider the dog an athlete given what they are evolutionary designed to perform even in modern day times, and therefore deserves to be treated as such, like our top sports people. Allergies, behavioural problems and skeletal discomfort are the main issues that I deal with using N.I.S and N.F.W but there are many more as per the symptom list.

I have had on occasion, over my life, a cat or four – another animal kingdom top athlete. Cats are a little more difficult to work with, with N.I.S and N.F.W, as they tend to be very fussy and only let one deal with the problems they want.  They don’t like excess testing and tend not to show their issues straight away, so good questioning and listening from the owner, observation of the cat, and patience, are required to get a result. Please view a cat symptom list to see what N.I.S and N.F.W can assist with.

The horse is also one of the top athletes of the animal kingdom, given what we ask them to do, and should also be taken care of like our top athletes. I haven’t had horses in my life and was late to the party working on them as I had friends doing so with N.I.S. However, now that my friends are no longer treating them, I’ve been asked by a few to take their place and have cut my teeth and got my confidence on Gypsy Cobs and Miniatures.  Behaviour from discomfort in the skeleton and gut, and poor sports performance, have been most of the problems I have dealt with since starting to help horses, along with other issues as listed on the horse symptom list.

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